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  1. Communicate to this Provincial Council the intention of using the information contained within the web site of the Survey on Infrastructure and Local Facilities (webEIEL) or extracted from the A Coruña province SDI (ideAC).
  2. All documents must credit explicitly the source of the information (webEIEL - Deputación Provincial da Coruña or ideAC - Diputación Provincial de A Coruña), and
  3. A copy of each final document must be sent to Diputación Provincial, in order to use the research performed to improve the knowledge on the territory of the province.

Comunications mentioned in condition (1) must be addressed to:

Ilmo. Sr. Presidente
Deputación Provincial da Coruña
(Servicio de Asistencia Técnica a Municipios)
Avda. Alférez Provisional 2
15006 - A Coruña (España.UE)

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