gisEIEL - Functionality. Generation of maps and reports
gisEIEL includes subsystems to generate maps and reports using the PDF format. Among the tools to generate maps and reports we can highlight the following ones:
  • Printing module: The print tool generates a printed version of the current view. Furthermore, cartographic series for population centers and municipalities can be generated at any scale. The printed maps produced by gisEIEL include a graphical legend, a title, the scale information and a field for additional information desired by the user.
  • Report generation module: Provides the user with a wizard to generate reports from the alphanumeric information in the BDT-EIEL.
  • Municipal data summary: gisEIEL also provide tools for the generation of a municipal data summary report. Municipal data summary reports were designed by the work teams of the University of A Coruña involved in collection the information in the EIEL of A Coruña. These reports include a large number of indicators that reflect the current status of each municipality regarding services, infrastructure and facilities.
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