gisEIEL - Functionality. Specific tools for the EIEL
gisEIEL includes many specific tools for the development of the EIEL. Among them, we can emphasize the following ones:
  • Connectivity tools: They can be used to compute automatically service associations between population centers and the elements of the water supply and waste water networks.
  • Automatic value computation: some attributes can be derived from the other information surveyed in the EIEL. These tools compute the values for these attributes using spatial and alphanumeric operations. Some of the computed values are: buildings with deficit of street lights, streets with light deficit, waste production, water supply and waste water deficits, distance between waste disposal and population centers, etc.
  • Validation module: It includes functionality to check whether the information that is going to be sent to the Spanish government fulfills the specified data constraints. This module implements both validations designed by the Spanish government and validations designed by the working teams. Furthermore, the module generates PDF and HTML reports with the incidences found during the validation process.
  • Export module: It creates the data files that have to be sent to the Spanish government.
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