gisEIEL - Introduction
Project description

gisEIEL is the geographic information system used by the technical staff of the Provincial Council of A Coruña and the municipalities in the province to visualize, analyze and manage the data in the Survey on Local Infrastructure and Facilities (EIEL from the Spanish Encuesta de Infraestructuras y Equipamientos Locales). This application has been developed by the Database Laboratory of the University of A Coruña in collaboration with the Provincial Council of A Coruña. The application includes all the functionality needed to analyze, manage (insert, modify and delete) and validate the data in the EIEL Territorial Database (BDT-EIEL). Furthermore,gisEIEL includes functionality to print cartography and reports.

gisEIEL is a desktop application developed using gvSIG 1.0. The application can be used to edit the geographic information as well as the alphanumeric information contained within the EIEL. The workspace is organized using views or map windows that can be used to visualize and edit the features of each layer within the EIEL Territorial Database. Furthermore, each view or map window includes tools to allow the user to locate, visualize and modify the features.

Moreover, the application includes specific data forms for each geographic information layer. Each form displays the information of the features in the layer in a clear and structured way. These forms reduce the time required for inserting and editing operations on the alphanumeric information associated to each feature.

gisEIEL also includes data forms to query and update the rest of the information stored in the BDT-EIEL. This information can be: features without geographic information, service associations between population centers and facilities, etc.

Project management

The development of gisEIEL is managed using the following collaborative tools: