gisEIEL 2.2. - Installation
Descarga de ejecutable

In order to install gisEIEL the following setup file can be downloaded (windows):




Quick start data package

gisEIEL was developed to work with the BDT-EIEL (EIEL Territorial Database)

Non registered user from BDT-EIEL, has to download and install a local copy of this database in their local PostgreSQL server.

You can download a quick start data package in the following icon:


gisEIEL - Quick start data package


Installation start data package

After downloading the package with the test data, make sure the content is the following:

  1. BD_GIS_EIEL_RolesGrupo.sql
  2. BD_GIS_EIEL_Esquema.sql
  3. BD_GIS_EIEL_AuxDelete.sql
  4. BD_GIS_EIEL_DatosComunes.sql
  5. BD_GIS_EIEL_Prov_15_Mun_028_CB.sql
  6. BD_GIS_EIEL_Prov_15_Mun_028_FV.sql
  7. BD_GIS_EIEL_AuxCreate.sql

Create a new database with the following parameters (assume that a postgresql server is already installed locally)

  1. Name: BDT-EIEL
  2. Owner: postgres
  3. Encoded: LATIN1
  4. Template: template_postgis
  5. Tablespace: pg_default

Run the scripts from the archive in the order given above. To run the scripts open a Windows command(Inicio -> Ejecutar -> cmd). For the execution of the scripts, use the following command:

psql -h [nombre_servidor] -p [puerto] -U postgres -d [nombre_bd] -f [nombre_fichero_Script]


For example , the first script will be run by typing the command:

psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres -d BDT-EIEL -f BD_GIS_EIEL_RolesGrupo.sql


More detailed instructions are available at basic installation manual or at gisEIEL operation manual