signergias - Network of coordination of free projects SIG


The increasing importance of the use of the applications SIG in the public administrations, so much Spanish as Europeans, has given place to the emergence of diverse projects based on free licenses, each of which goes to a users' certain sector.

Nevertheless, between the projects gvSIG, LocalGIS, IDEACV and gisEIEL they give themselves a series of interrelationships, such as the common interest in giving support to applications of municipal management, which recommend to look for the confluence between the same ones, in order to avoid duplicated developments, and with the aim to favor her integration and interoperability.

The network signergias seeks to support, therefore, in contact the persons in charge of architecture and of developments of the mentioned projects in order to analyze the possibilities of confluence, and of coming to agreements that allow to exchange components and to use software of one of the projects for each of other three.

The conclusions, developed documents and adopted agreements will be published in the same web page.

Associate projects:


  • Pedro A. González (Diputación de A Coruña, gisEIEL Project)
  • Miguel R. Luaces (Universidade da Coruña, gisEIEL Project)
  • David Trillo Pérez (Universidade da Coruña, gisEIEL Project)
  • Antonio Quintanilla Rodenas (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha)
  • Rafael Garrido González (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha)
  • Diego Guerrero Sevilla (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha)
  • Martín García Hernández (Consellería de Infraestructuras y Transportes Generalitat Valenciana, Proyectos gvSIG e ideaCV)
  • José Miguel Rosa Castillo (IVER T.I., ideaCV Project)
  • Adrián García Moreno (IVER T.I., ideaCV Project)
  • Jorge Piera Llodrá (IVER T.I., gvSIG Project)
  • Juan A. López Alonso (COTESA, LOCALGIS Project)
  • Fernando M. Rubio Sancho (Dip. Valencia, LOCALGIS Project)
  • Christian Ortiz (Dip. Huesca, LOCALGIS Project)