ideAC node
Node: ideAC, IDE of Diputación Provincial of A Coruña
Scope: A Coruña province
Responsibilities: Providing IDE network with basic thematic data of province of Coruña gathered up to 1/10.000 scales including generalizations for lower scale factors of the same data set and related services. Managing, coordinating and supervising corporative and provincial IDE.
Role: Official provider of georreferenced data of EIEL of A Coruña, provincial road network or any data you add in the future

SDIs (Spatial Data Infraestructures) can be defined as the set of data, services, standards, recommendations, organizational and information distribution policies and dispositions that let that digital Geographical Information (GI) and services may be shared and re-used under conditions that may facilitate their search, visualization and use, no matter what are the informatical tools used for those tasks.

At European level, SDIs are regulated by INSPIRE Directive (The Infrastructure of Spatial InfoRmation in Europe). Moreover, at Spanish level, they are built up under the recommendations approved by the IDEE (Spanish SDI) Working Group, from Spanish Higher Geographic Council.

An SDI node is thus an accessing point to the SDI network, as well as a warehouse serving GI and geoservices.

IdeAC node, defined, identified and classified within IDEE network accordingly to the contents of upper table, does also properly fulfill all of the requirements in order to be integrated within Global SDI network. At this first stage of implementation, it offers the following services:

  • 1. (+) Web Mapping Server (WMS):
  • 2. (+) Web Feature Server (WFS):
  • 3. (+) Metadata Catalogue Service:
  • 4. (+) Gazetteer:

Moreover this, ideAC offers a printing server in order to get visualized maps printed into a PDF file in an easy, practical and nice way, no matter whether they are static or dynamic maps.

The whole webEIEL site has been built as an ideAC node client, thus searching and visualization tasks may be done directly from the different sections of this site, while data retrieving should be done from the URLs above.