gisEIEL 2.3. - Installation
This section includes links to download the project gisEIEL. You can download installers both for Windows and Linux, a test dataset from the BDT-EIEL, the source code of the applications, user manuals y developers documentation


To install gisEIEL 2.3 it is required to have the Java Virtual Machine 1.6 installed (you can download it here).

The application can be installed using the following executable, which is independent of the platform (for Windows using the file .bat and for Linux use the file .sh):

The application can also be used in Windows using Java Web Start:

Furthermore, there is a test dataset available that can be installed in a Postgres database management system to try the application against a local server

After downloading the package with the test data, make sure the content is the following:

  1. BD_GIS_EIEL_RolesGrupo.sql
  2. BD_GIS_EIEL_Esquema_WIN.sql / BD_GIS_EIEL_Esquema_LIN.sql
  3. BD_GIS_EIEL_AuxDelete.sql
  4. BD_GIS_EIEL_DatosComunes.sql
  5. BD_GIS_EIEL_Prov_15_Mun_028_CB.sql
  6. BD_GIS_EIEL_Prov_15_Mun_028_FV.sql
  7. BD_GIS_EIEL_AuxCreate.sql

Create a new database with the following parameters (assume that a postgresql server is already installed locally)

  1. Name: BDT-EIEL
  2. Owner: postgres
  3. Encoded: LATIN1
  4. Template: template_postgis
  5. Tablespace: pg_default

Run the scripts from the archive in the order given above (for the paragraph 2 run the appropriate script depending if you use Windows or Linux). To run the scripts open a command and use the following command:

psql -h [nombre_servidor] -p [puerto] -U postgres -d [nombre_bd] -f [nombre_fichero_Script]


For example , the first script will be run by typing the command:

psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres -d BDT-EIEL -f BD_GIS_EIEL_RolesGrupo.sql

Database update

For the correct execution of gisEIEL version 2.3, you need to update the contents of the database using the following scripts>

Run through a command window by typing the following lines

psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres -d BDT-EIEL -f actualizarBD.sql

psql -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres -d BDT-EIEL -f actualizarPlaneamientos.sql